Shopaversary 6th celebration for Kiser Krafts Handmade

6th Shopaversary Giveaway

  Welcome!! I am SO excited to share with you my Shopiversary!! Kiser Krafts Handmade has been ‘alive’ for 6 years. I am so thankful to Jennifer for making that video for me. The shop started out as Kiser Krafts and migrated into Kiser Krafts Handmade. While Kiser Krafts permitted me to create my sock […]

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Handmade Mania week 99 linkup - all welcome to join

Handmade Mania week 94 Link-up Fun!

Hello!  Welcome to the new promotional week of the Handmade Mania link-up! I have been debating about this link up…does it help you, like it does me?  Do you enjoy coming and sharing your work and sharing others? I love it! But I am personally finding it hard to get typed up and ready for […]

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Handmade Mania week 89 handmadelove linkup

Handmade Mania week 88 Link-up Fun!

Hello!  Welcome to the new Handmade Mania link-up week! Did you get to enjoy the eclipse? It was cloudy here…so enjoyed it on the TV. Are you NEW to Handmade Mania weekly link-up?? 🌷Welcome! 🌷 Here is a touch of information to help you JOIN the FREE promotinal FUN! What is this post you ask? […]

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Handmade Manis weekly Linkup - ALL welcome to join

Handmade Mania week 78 Link-up FUN!

Hello!  Welcome to the new link-up week! Wow! This past week seriously flew past! And this week is the last week of school for my children. Eeep! Summer break starts next week!?! Goodness, I need ideas for summer break. What fun activities do you do during the summer? Share some ideas in the comments below. […]

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Handmade Mania week 54 Link-up FUN!

Hello! Welcome! Last week was a crazy fast week and I ended with a super fast trip up North to see my new nephew!!! 😜 It was so fast and super enjoyable. And I know I am a day late posting this week’s link-up, but my son broke his elbow and he was a touch […]

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A New Beginning – Apparently

Good morning! ☺ So, yesterday I canceled my GoDaddy believing I had shifted everything on to my NEW hosting site. Yeah…drat…not so much. I had transfer my Domain Name to the NEW place, Namecheap (which is an excellent blog host & domain keeper). Hosting was not transferred. 😖 Poof! Crash! All my newer posts from […]

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