Handmade Mania weekly Link up Camping

Handmade Mania week 126 Linkup FUN!

Happy Day! Welcome to Handmade Mania weekly linkup! So, camping in my living room has happened twice…until they were asleep. Then I moved them before I went to bed. It has been a fun start to summer. No June Sponsor so will highlight a different Handmadelove shop each week:    Diane’s Dangles is a wonderful […]

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Unicorn Magic Handmade Mania week 118 handmadelove linkup

Handmade Mania week 118 Link up FUN!

We need unicorn magic. Seriously, I think that is the only way Spring will arrive. The weather has been crazy cold to warm to windy and chilly then a touch of snow. (Thankfully, that did not stick.) I am ready to plant some flower seeds and watch them grow. I think the unicorns need to […]

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Handmade Mania week 114 Linkup FUN!

What a happy Handmade week! ☺ The sun has been shining, the kids have been behaving, and the birds are chirping. Spring is near. Our March Sponsor:    Kiser Krafts Handmade is a wonderful shop filled with unique hand sewn and crochet items. This week we are featuring one of her sweet creations for Easter: Starletta Bunny […]

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Valentines Handmade Mania week link-up Banner via @KKHandmade

Handmade Mania week 110 Link-up FUN!

What a happy Handmade week! ☺ Last week was a fast week. It was filled with so many good things. And this week is parent-teacher conferences. So, don’t mind me while I drink extra coffee as the kids are home from school thru Monday! EEEP! Teachers are amazing people and I am so thankful they teach my […]

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Holiday Handmade Mania week 103 - #handmadelove #linkup

Handmade Mania week 103 Link-up FUN!

Welcome to the new promotional week of the Handmade Mania link-up! EEEP! We are only 12 days away from Christmas! I love this time of year! Welcome! What is this post you ask? This is a weekly link up for handmade products within your online shop to help them be promoted to a whole new […]

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Handmade Mania week 109 FUN weekly #handmadelove #linkup via @KKHandmade

Handmade Mania week 101 Link-up FUN!

Welcome to the new promotional week of the Handmade Mania link-up! Wow! What a crazy two weeks! We had so much fun traveling up north to visit my family for Thanksgiving. It was seriously Wonderful! It was great to drink coffee with my Dad, hug my Mom, Black Friday shop with my sisters and Mom, […]

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Handmade Mania week 100 weekly linkup

Handmade Mania week 100 Linkup FUN!

****Extended Linkup Week!!**** Hi! I have extended Handmade Mania week 100!! Please, come back and add up to 4 more product links for MORE social sharing!! I am excited to see ALL the wonderful handmadelove products to share, like, envy, and maybe purchase! Have a relaxing Thanksgiving! Welcome to the new promotional week of the […]

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