Hi! Welcome to Kiser Krafts brand new blog! I very excited about this new venture I am taking on. Blogging…who knew I’d be doing it!?!

First, let me introduce myself. I am Kelly Kiser and I craft. Pretty simple, huh? Let me expound on it a little more. I am a wife, Mother, and a homemaker. You guessed right, life can get crazy at times. But that my dear friend is where crafting comes in. It helps me stay sane, calm, and able to function as a Mom. I do all kinds of craft mediums: sewing, crochet, knitting, scrap-booking, and card-making, cooking and fixing whatever might have been in the path of the ‘tiny tornadoes’, we call children.

Second, let me introduce you to Kiser Krafts. It is a little home based business that sells handmade, Eco-friendly items. While most things are centered on children, adult things are included as well. Kiser Krafts is a way for me as a Mom to stay at home with the children and still contribute to the household needs. Above all, Kiser Krafts loves to see adoptions happen and items sent to all around the world to cheer someone’s day.  

Third, I like to tell you just a little about what I craft or make for Kiser Krafts shop ( ). The main thing is Penny’s Pets, adorable sock animals. They are hand stitched (no machines to help save energy) animals for children to play with (adults too). Other things include crochet items that I get inspired to make. Each item is made with thought, time, and care for the best possible quality. While I have a set product line, I am still open to new ideas and suggestions.

Mostly everything I do is to help my little family. After all, they make my life worth living.

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