Little helper

I would like to share the joy that is my daughter. She is 2 1/2 and ready to take on the world. Penelope is very ‘ahead’ of the game in many areas. She is our little over achiever. Penny is at times too smart for her own good. Yes, that means she keeps Momma and Daddy on our toes!

We have been working with the alphabet and sitting to learn for school. To her it is a fun game. Which, I’m very happy about. It means when school really does begin, she will think it fun to go.  As learning as progressed, we add in ‘NEW’ learn tools. Scissors are the latest tool, along with a pencil. Penny does really well with writing with the pencil. We are just starting to follow dotted lines of the letter shapes. The scissors are chopping up every piece of paper I give her, including a few I didn’t. Each time she uses them, she gets better with them. 

Friday was a ‘work’ day, as most days are and she wanted to help me ‘work’. She is hard working. ☺ Together we came up with a plan. I cut up the sock left overs into the stuffing that is used for the sock animals. Well, we tested her little safety scissors. And surprisingly they CUT sock fabric!! So I put her to ‘work’. The seriousness that manifested in my daughter was amazing. She turned super focused and cut, cut, and cut, till the sock remnants were in the bag. I was amazed at how fast she completed the task. A few hours, as she did get distracted by her brother, me, and the TV show Sesame Street. I only took one photo but it is one I will always treasure.

I am so thankful I have a daughter who will to help Momma out. ☺ She is a treasure. Now if we can get her to start helping pick up the toys every night…we’d be golden. ☺

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