Birthday Bash!

Wow!! What a wonderful weekend!!! 
May 3rd is/was my birthday! So Friday was a relaxing day of fun with the kids and no cooking! We had Papa John’s for lunch and McDonald’s for dinner! 
Papa John’s was amazing!!! I got to order my favorite pizza: Canadian bacon, black olives, green peppers, and mushrooms!!! With extra cheese! It was ooey, gooey, fattening goodness!!! I loved every single bite!! And they have chicken poppers that are very yummy. The bread sticks were soft and yummy. Pizza is my hips worst enemy.
McDonald’s was an afterthought. I thought it would be: a) nice not to cook; b) to get out of the house; and c) let the kids run off some extra energy in the play land. It was a loud, energetic, wonderful time! The food…well…we know tons of issues with the food, but it was yummy none the less. It was fun to watch Little Miss and Little Man run around and plays with the other kids. As a Mom, it was one of the best gifts I received. 
I had a beautiful arrangement of flowers delivered from my Brother-in-law and his girlfriend. It is so neat that flowers can be sent or delivered from states away. It is so elegant and lovely.
Then on Saturday, we went over to my In-laws home for cake and ice cream! They blessed me with my favorite cake: angel food cake and mint chocolate ice cream. It was so yummy! The gift I received from them was so thoughtful! They bought me yarn, two crochet books, and buttons for animal eyes! I was floored!
The main gift, though, was keeping my two tykes overnight. It was so relaxing to enjoy a delivered meal of Chinese food and snuggle on the couch to watch movies with my hubby. It was a blessed time! And my hubby’s gift came in the mail. He bought me the exercise program ‘Rock’n Body’!!!!(no picture of that – sorry -here is the site: EEK!! I am super excited. I hope to get healthier in 2013 and to lose the ‘baby weight’ from both pregnancies. He did a wonderful job pick out the gift! Just what I wanted!
I also entered an awesome Birthday Giveaway over at my friend’s blog, Verte Photography,  . She shares my birthday. Which in it’s self is awesome! But I WON!!! How random and cool is that!?! Those prizes are EPIC! And a wonderful blessing to receive on my birthday! 
Really exciting thing is I have more gifts coming!!! My family is sending one big box together! So my birthday celebration is going to continue into this coming week! 

Here is my birthday girl photo! Another year older! ☺