Saved by Frosting!!

Who doesn’t like frosting? Yeah not many people…but my kids had a chance to enjoy it in a new way!
You know those moments where everything happen ALL AT THE SAME TIME?? Yeah we had that happen. Penny fell so she was crying. Danny was crabby due to teeth pain and nothing I was trying to help, helped. And husband woke up on the wrong side of the bed. And me, well, I was starting to lose my patience with all of them. 
Krazy life moments call for Krazy Krafting! 
Here is what we did: Frosting Paint.

Seems pretty simple, right? It was a quick distraction for everyone. First, I grabbed the normal Cream Cheese frosting tub I had on hand in my pantry. Second, I grabbed our food coloring. After all white frosting is not that much fun to ‘paint’ with. Good to eat, yes, but not so for painting. So I used red, yellow, and blue. Primary colors to help teach how to blend to make secondary colors. 
Third, I placed small amounts on the painting surface. Danny had his highchair tray and Penny had a cookie sheet with wax paper taped on it. 
Then I let them go. It was fun to see them smear, mush, and mix the frosting. Danny really didn’t like the taste of the frosting. But Penny ate her ‘paints’ all up! 
I was hoping for left over frosting to frost my birthday cupcakes. But they used up all the colors. At least I had some still left in the tub to frost cupcakes. Penny enjoyed getting messy.

For a quick distraction, frosting painting just might help you! It certainly helped me.