1st Birthday Balloon Party

 I just hosted my very first birthday party!!! I mean, really, no help from my Mom, no input from my Mom, no help from my husband. It was all me! And it came together perfectly! *Pat Pat Pat* I am so proud of me! 
My son Daniel (Danny) just turned a year old! WOW! Time really does fly! He is a blessing. We started with chatter and then moved onto cake. He liked the frosting-mushing. He really didn’t eat the cake. But he enjoyed the mess anyway. He received some wonderful presents, toys and clothes alike. It was a good time of friends and family.

Received a Wisconsin Badger hat from MumMum & Papa
Pair of sun glasses to match the hat
Daddy enjoying Danny
the decorations
wondering what was going on
yawning…after his nap
playing with a huge balloon
playing with friends
playing with sister
“Nah that balloon is gonna miss me”
 We all enjoyed playing with the balloons. The wonder in his face as they floated and fell was priceless.
 I put the plate in front of him on his tray…and he looked at the cake like “what is that?” It was very funny.
I mush this Momma…I mush it really good…
      Penelope enjoying her cupcake and ice cream. She did a good job through the whole party. She knew it was Danny’s special day. She truly is becoming a good ‘big sister’.
                               Our friend, Abigail enjoyed her cupcake, ice cream, and snacks.
 Our friend Lilly, enjoyed the noise, balloons, and different toys.
 Douglas enjoyed Dennis. He just grin and chuckled the whole time was visiting.
 Just a little chocolate Mom…you know how to get chocolate out of fabrics right?
 Penelope and Grammy
Our new doll from The Mollie Shop (http://themollieshop.com/). Mollie Dollies are wonderful doll of high quality. This one was custom made form my son.