Happy Memorial Day
It is hard to say “Happy” when this day is remembering those that lost their lives in the war they were serving in. But we celebrate those Veterans that have safely returned home. So that, THAT is the cause for “Happy”. 
In my family, there have been servicemen. I do not know their names as they were generations past. I have a cousin who has been serving for some time. “Butler” (his handle) is a wonderful man who loves his wife and children. His whole family sacrifices so he can go and defend our country. There is no one I am prouder to know. He truly bleeds Patriotism! I salute him and pray for him daily.

The picture above shows two of my favorite things: the American Flag (Old Red, White, and blue) and the Holy Bible. I am an American and proud of it! I LOVE my nation! I am a Christian and thankful for it! I love LOVE my Savior, Jesus Christ! I pray for this great nation and thank the Lord, I live here where I have freedom to worship HIM. So I’ll end this short post with 

GOD Bless America!!!


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