Twinkling Triangles

Guess what Kiser Krafts has been up too?!?
It has been a while since I have been able to sit and play with my hook and yarns due to Little Monster. He likes my yarn, makes it a little hard to work. Thankfully, as he has gotten older, he can be distracted by other things. He may be a crocheter or knitter in the future. 
A dear friend of mine, Cody ( Lu & Ed ), shared with me a photo a cute granny triangle bunting and I thought, “I can do that!” After gathering supplies, I went forth and figured out a way to make one. It helped to have knowledge of the granny stitch in crochet. It is fun to try, frog, and then try again.

So I choose to do bright child-like colors so that I could use it as a party decoration for Little Monster first birthday party. It worked really well. It is still hanging up adding color to our living area. It will at some point make its way to Little Monster’s room to hang on his wall.

I am excited to include these in the shop! They are so fun to make!
 Currently, the shop has two available: Mollie Mae Bunting and Bright Bunting. I plan in the future to have a custom bunting listing. That way you can choose the colors to fit your needs.

 One day in future, Twinkling Triangles will be hanging on walls around the world!!  Hey, I can dream, right 😉

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