Kiser Krafts has been accepted on to the AList!!! Whoop Whoop!!!

The Alist is a wonderful group of shops that are customer focused and provide quality services/products. AND it is a list for YOU to go and buy from!!! Convenient, isn’t it?!? A list with EPIC shops ready for you to look through! 

On the blog she shares things about her life as well as features all those on the AList. The group and all the benefits are so impressive!!!

This past Tuesday, I was totally at the #tsualist twitter chat for the first time! It was great fun to learn more about the ladies and shops included in the AList. Kristina, the genius behind the list, works really hard for those who are included on the list. She and I have a small thing in common: babies. Yep, she has a small tyke just like me!!! She impresses me so much! I wish I were better at time management! She gets so much stuff done while keeping track of her tykes! 

Through the chat a few new ideas were brought up for changes to the site and the list. I tell you – exciting things are happening for the AList!! So I wanted to share my excitement about this new adventure for Kiser Krafts with you!!!

Now head over to the Alist…and browse the awesomeness on the AList . I can guarantee you will find things you’ll need!!!  (*note* click on the categories on sidebar to take you to the desired shops)

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