“Daddy”, one of my favorite words

Father’s Day is a holiday once a year where we focus our praise and thanks upon the “main man” in our lives, Dad. We should praise and honor him year round but once a year is good to make sure he knows how important he really is. Fathers are important to every family unit. God made man first then made women from man’s rib. Dads provide for the family by working super hard, protect the family, and teach the family. It is not always a DNA connection but one of choice and love.  

one of my favorite pictures of me and my Daddy

 My Dad, trust me, I share his DNA! I look like him, act like him, and totally take after some of his goofy character traits. Daddy is always the one this “Daddy’s girl” runs too when the world seems off balance or scary. I appreciate his opinions, insight, and biblical directions.  He works really hard, plays hard when he gets the chance, and knows when to sit back and enjoy the moments of this great life. While life tosses storms at him, he stand firm and wades through holding onto the fact the God has him in His mighty hands. Daddy is human and does make mistakes but I choose to forgive him and move forward, after all, if God can forgive him, so can I. Daddy has many talents: drawing, business intellect, clowning, computer-know-how, advertising, money management, and rides a unicycle. The best thing about Dad, is he takes time to listen. Truly listen. He looks directly at you, opens his ears, and hears your words, then thinks before responding. In today’s world, that is a rare trait. We are all in such a hurry we fail to really listen. I love you Daddy! Thank you for being the support I always needed growing up. 

Rabbit, Little Miss, and Little Mister


My husband, Rabbit, is now a Dad. Not to me but to our two children. I am so thankful that he is stepping into the “Daddy-shoes” our children need. It hasn’t been easy for him, I know. He struggled with the awesome responsibility with Little Miss but when Little Mister came, Rabbit was more confident that he could do this “Daddy” thing. As a wife, I see the struggle, as a Mother, I so thankful to come through the struggle and be the Daddy our children need. Little Miss is most certainly a “Daddy’s girl” and Little Mister is all about “Da-da-da-da”. You can see the love our children have for their Father and to me that is a wonderful blessing. Rabbit, I love you, and you are a wonderful Daddy! Keep up the good work!!

So every “DAD” deserves a card at least on Father’s Day if not a gift or two. So I’d like to share a card tutorial. And a list of great shop that have amazing gifts for Dad!!

Here are some of my favorite gift items for Dads from some of my favorite shops!

Mystic Eye Creations, Inc. has many amazing handmade items with a man in mind. Their Razors are one of my favorites!!
The Gnarly Whale has homemade body sprays and shampoos. They have an amazing Manly Body spray which every Dad could use.
Krmbal Clothing has organic t-shirts that are comfortable and designed to be fun. Any Dad would LOVE to relax in one of these great tees.
Christian Made Crafts has a wonderful selection of handmade items with Dad’s in mind. My favorite is this cute “Daddy” key chain.
MommaRae’s Custom Designs makes hand stamped items. This fisherman key chain is one of my favorites for the “best fisherman”, Dad! 
It is not a huge list but it is a few little things I think Dad would love as a Father’s Day gift! 

Here is the card I made, I do apologize for the poor quality. I took it in a spare moment with my cell phone.

front of card


This card is inspired by this tutorial found at All things Paper: here
It was really easy to make and the tutorial is really easy to follow!

 Happy Father’s Day to all you Dads out there!!!


inside the card


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