When coffee…meets Lion

First…coffee…Coffee and I have a tight, serious relationship. I craft, I drink coffee, and see socks speak. Oh yes, coffee helps me create!


Second…lions…come out of nowhere. And try to drink MY COFFEE!!

This is what happens…coffee curls a lion’s mane, causes them to not sleep, and they have to touch their nose at random.

It is all very unique and strange. I have heard, “Drinking coffee will put hair on your chest.” Well I have been drinking coffee for my whole life, I think, and still have NO hair on my chest. But it does effect the lion’s mane.

I don’t know about you, but I am worried I may have to hide my coffee!!! I’m not sure the lions in my house can handle it being in the house!!!

At least I know this little lady, Kona, loves her coffee. She even went to “tea” with Little Miss today and drank her cup of coffee during tea time. Kona has some special features: curled mane and jointed/movable arms. Coffee really helped me while I designed this pretty lady. Happy cup of joe!! ☺

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