Letter of the day ‘R’

 So first to tell you about the banner above. On June 29th, the Alist is doing a group #Flashalist Sale!! I am so excited to be including Kiser Krafts in this event! Kiser Krafts will be doing 30% off everything!! I do hope you all come and enjoy this amazing Sale!
Now the Letter ‘R’…a few days ago my daughter, Little Miss, woke with letters on the mind. She looked at me and smiled, “R is for raisins, Momma.” Yes, yes they are. My tired brain started to turn as I sipped my coffee. Letter ‘R’…well I wonder what recipe is on the ‘R’ page in my favorite cook book. 

So ‘R’ is for Raisin-Bran Muffins. And that my friends is where the ‘R’ journey begins. Little Miss got excited! I told her we (WE) were going to make muffins. I gathered all the ingredients and supplies. And we started to measure and pour things together. Then I handed her the spoon for her to stir it together.

She was so happy to help. She wasn’t strong enough but she gladly handed the spoon back to me. Then we lined the muffin pan. She counted each one and patted them in.

Then came the fun part; filling them up! She giggled through the whole process. Each time the batter dropped she’d say “splat”. She clapped and cheered when each one was filled.

Then came the cooking and waiting…she went and played and the muffins baked.

Nice and golden brown Raisin-Bran Muffins. The house smelled amazing! It was a great day to have the Letter ‘R’ on the brain.

After Little Miss ate her raisin-bran muffin, she was done with the letter R. All she wanted was something yummy to eat. It was a fun experience. I can’t wait until she has a fun letter like “P” for peas, potatoes, and pineapples or “I” for ice cream sundaes!!! ☺


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