America Proud

This week is one of the holidays I am most proud to be who I am; an American. The heritage of our country is that of brave people who withstood even though the odds were against them.

America started just as a dream to have freedom to live life free, to pursue happiness, and to serve God. They formed a government and nation with blood, sweat, and tears…and many lives laid down to protect it. I am so thankful for the men and women who bravely serve to protect this great nation. I am proud to be an American…I still say it is the greatest nation even if it really is not. America use to be the great world power but I feel that has changed. America is in too much in debt and is not handling its issues wisely. But I am an American and I love my nation! We as a nation need to start standing up, speaking up, and doing what the Americans did of old to make this nation great again. 
Now onto my American inspired creations:

Lady Liberty Lion is a proud lion displaying her red, white, and blue colors. She has a beautiful mane of hair that she brushes and puts up with her favorite bow. She is fond of picnics, sparklers, and fireworks! She loves gazing into the night sky looking at the wonderful bursts of color!
She was a joy to make!

Uncle Sam Lion:

Uncle Sam Lion is a patriotic lion! He has a great love for his fellow “man (lions) and country”, USA. He prefers to celebrate with a barbeque and fireworks. Uncle Sam wears his stars and stripes with pride and favors his hat as an accessory. 
He caused such pride in my heart for my country while I was stitching him. 

Proud Patty Bunny is a proud patriotic bunny who loves showing off her favorite country colors; red, white, and blue. She holds her head high and salutes when the flag is flying high!
This little lady proves that the flag is still flying high!!! I still tear up when I place my hand on my heart to sing  the national anthem and to say the pledge to the American flag.

Stars Baby Bunny and Stripes Baby Bunny

Stars Baby Bunny is a pretty girl bunny who loves her stared and striped ears. Her bow keeps her ear out of the way as she sits to watch the family fireworks. Summer is her favorite time of year. 

Stripes Baby Bunny is all boy! He loves playing in his fort in the back yard forest and playing in the local creek. Summer months are by far his favorite time of year. He proudly cares for his stripes like every good bunny should. But his favorite all time thing is helping set up firework displays.

These creation all speak to a part of my patriotic heart. I love the holiday 4th of July. I love celebrating this great nation. And I pray daily for it! May God bless America!

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