Sharing favs #Happyhandmade week 21

Wow!! The week flew past!! Did it go as fast for you?
This week I want to share my favorites from Daft Crafts #happyhandmade week 21 link up. There are SO MANY awesome and AMAZING things so far!!

First, I LOVE everything TokyoBlossom makes. She is truly gifted!! Her earrings are so elegant! Love this pair.

Aren’t they beautiful!!??!!

Second, I LOVE everything A Single Dream makes! She does an AMAZING job with jewelery! Her eye for color is inspiring!

Look at this elegant bracelet!! It would, will, go with SO many outfits!!

Third, I LOVE everything Zeeuh makes!! She is so GIFTED with fabric and choosing EPIC coordinating fabrics! Each hand bag, wallet, apron, and hugger is touch with love and care and a sewing machine MASTER!

What handbag wouldn’t need NEED this darling wallet in it!?! So pretty for summer!!

NOW LASTLY I know it is above my three shares or favorites but I have to tell you. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Squshies!!! She has been making new felt animals for her AWESOME Christmas in July Sale! I tell you Each new on I DIE OF CUTE!!! She really knows her way with felt!!!

ARE THEY NOT ADORABLE!!! LOVE them!! Squshies is currently having a sale!! Christmas in July!!! I will be heading over to see what treasures I can find!! ☺

Daft Crafts still has room for #handmade shops to link up handmade items!! It is FREE promotion!! Hope to see you there!!

Have a great Day!!!

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