Shares from #happyhandmade week 24

I tell you this week the #happyhandmade link up is FILLED with awesome-ness!!! Daft Crafts does a wonderful job with this link up each week.

I saw, so far in the list, something that every women has, uses, and loves: handbags. (There was/is many, many, many other wonderful items.) So this week I am sharing the HANDBAG LOVE!!!

First, Angelhearts Crafts has the cute-est denim Owl pouch! It is great for a quick run to the store with your keys, cell, and card. It’s wings are a darling Japenese fabric and it is fully lined! ♥

Second, IsabellaeRia crochets darling things like this Hobo Shell bag!!! It has beautiful colors and elegant!  ♥♥

She also shared this purple bobble bag…that I think is so cute!

Third, Zeeuh has the cutest collection!! I love LOVE love the whole summer line she has. This purse, pouch, and wallet are a wonderful addition to any women’s closet! ♥♥♥

Now all of these are EPIC bags that anyone can appreciate! The wonderful thing is that #happyhandmade week 24 still has time and room for MORE. That means more handmade bags may be added!!! EEK!! I will make sure to check Daft Crafts again to see what gets added here.

Now if you are reading this and have your own online shop full of handmade products that you made yourself – you can link up HERE too! It is totally FREE PROMOTION!!

Thanks Daft Crafts for another awesome week of handmade goodness!!! 

4 thoughts on “Shares from #happyhandmade week 24

  1. Kelly Kiser says:

    It really has grown which is way totally EPIC!! I go back and share items everyday. Something new is always there. It will be exciting to have you join in when you can! I love #happyhandmade each week!

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