Shark Week…Storenvy style!

It is Shark Week!!! Love this week! Sharks are so interesting. So I wondered what my favorite shopping spot ( has in the way of sharks. Off I went, over to in search of SHARKS! I used the handy “search bar” up at the top. I typed in generic “sharks”. Oh the things that showed up in my feed!!! Some really JAWESOME items!
First, let me share the cute. These toddler tees by Bratz in Vogue. They are perfect for your “little shark.”
Second, some really cute hammerheads by I Dream In Yarn. They are colorful, playful, & shark-tastic!
Third, something for the adults out there, a shark tee! Look Human has some really awesome items. But this tee helps me remember I can enjoy “shark week” every week! 
This three “shark” items were my favorites from the “search for sharks” on There was many, many, many more items pertaining to sharks on the “shark” search. Head over and see for yourself. You may find what you need to celebrate Shark week.
Enjoy Shark Week!!

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