Oh to have a “sweet smelling Dream”!!

I love great relaxing, natural smells. I love my house to smell fresh, like a breeze just blew through. But with lack of windows and air movement – that doesn’t always happen. I also LOVE when my clean laundry smells like it was dried by the sun outdoors. This is a little apartment…not so likely. So I went seeking…and searching and found a new friend, Kim. She makes wonderful sachets. Let me introduce you to Winter Solstice Dreams, Creative Aromatherapy.

They make each product out of the finest quality fabrics and hand blended scents. I love the natural-ness of each product! Kim was kind enough to send me a sample of a “new tagged” items. First, I must tell you, her presentation was amazing! The sample came in individual clear packets as well as information on the business and their product lines. If I wasn’t already sold…just on presentation I’d be sold. So inviting!
Second, I want to share Lavender Sachet with a darling blue Bird applique. 

It smells AMAZING! I love the lavender scent – always have, always will – to calm me at night time. It was so nice to place this sachet above my head on our head board and have the scent drift about me while I slept. In the brochure she included, I see they have sachets for pillow cases. Genius!

Finally, I want to share Balsam Fir Sachet with a autumn Deer applique.

This one is my husband’s favorite! He loves the smell and the deer. He told me, “It’s not so girly to go in my car.” Ha-ha, it is our car and who needs ‘girly’! He has it in the middle counsel to help the car smell “earthy”. With the sun warming our car, the sachet adds a wonderful scent in the car. I am so pleased with the natural way to create a calming car ride. I did have plans of placing this sachet in our closet – but I lost. So we will be investing more natural sachets in the future.

If you are searching for a natural way to add some beautiful smells to your space, please, visit WSDreams. They have the items to help you. 

And with September around the bend, here is a touch of Autumn for you…

a set of three Thanksgiving, pumpkin themed sachets with an Autumn scent. I really love WSDreams!

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