Oh what is in a Lion

Today I want to share with you a few photos showing what goes into one of my Penny Pet Sock Lions. Now I will give you a heads up – the pictures are not the highest quality. I took them at random while working on a lion with my cell phone. So please, forgive me on that.

First, I sew the lion up. Then I take a huge pile of fiberfil and a handful of fabric and yarn remnants.

 I then cut up the left over fabrics and yarn into little bits and pieces. That way they add to the fluffiness of the animal.

Yep all that stuffing will fill out that cute little lion. I push it in and squish it and fill every part of that lion! 
Now this lion is ready for eyes, mouth, nose, and the EPIC mane!!! When I get him finished I’ll share photos. What do you think about what goes into a Lion??

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