Oh What is the Mane attraction to a Sock Lion!?!

Hi. Do you remember this guy??

Well now I am going to share the mane part of my #socklions. Their mane. But first they get a face. I add two eyes, a cute little nose and a grinning mouth.
Look at those cute eyes and chubby cheeks! 
Here is what I start with when I start working on the lion’s mane.
A huge pile of yarns…it takes anywhere from 22 to 30 knotted yarn bundles to form a completed mane. Each knot is hand stitched on one at a time to ensure they stay on through all sorts of play. Each mane is chosen with care and texture in  mind. I believe the mane makes each lion unique and special as the #child that plays with it. 
With the magic of technology, you miss all the hand-stitching work to see the finished sock lion. Do you think he is cute?? Now to think of his name…what would you name him??

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