#Handmade makes me #happy!

I am a firm believer of supporting my fellow crafters. Just like me, they put hard work into their creations. And I know love is in every stitch, paint-brush stroke, and design.  Each of them are a great support and always so helpful to me. I am sharing a few of my favorites (there are more then just these few – if I included every single one this post would be forever long.)

I just ordered this print from Little Green Guy. I am so excited for this print. Bob Ross has always been an inspiration to me through my whole life. He always encourages ‘happy accidents’. When I make something and a accident happens, I think, “it adds to the character, makes it more special and unique.” Brittany, the creator of Little Green Guy, always has a positive out look and encourages me in many ways. Little Green Guy is one of my favorite #handmade shops. Visit http://littlegreenguy.storenvy.com/ to find some EPIC handmade for you.

Next these #monster #totes by Lu & Ed inspire me so much. They are fun-tional monsters. They are the perfect size for carrying books back to the library, toys on the go, or soon trick or treating. One of these totes are on my “to buy” list. And Cody, the owner of Lu & Ed, ROCKS!!! She encourages not only me but many, many others. She is always open to questions and is willing to share her experiences. She is one my main pillars of support in my crafty world. Each day, she inspires me to create farther then I could think I could. Visit http://luanded.com/ and find some EPIC Monster handmade for you.

This next #handmade shop…inspires my daughter. Violet’s Buds makes the most darling hair flowers. Each day (it seems) she has another cute hair accessory that my daughter and I want. This #fall one reminds me of falling leaves and Thanksgiving dinner. Melanie, the owner of Violet’s Buds, encourages me to create daily. She also has a daughter similar in age to mine and is a fellow ‘Mom of children problem solving’. She has grown to a sweet crafting buddy and a Mom in my ‘corner pocket’. I think every single hair clip in her shop is on my “to buy” list. I love them all!!! Visit http://violetsbuds.storenvy.com/ to find some EPIC hair #handmade for you!

These are just a few of my favorite #handmade shops. Do you have a favorite handmade shop?? I’d love to learn of more handmade places to support, please, share!

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