‘Wet’ – that it is…

Today’s #FMSPhotoaDay prompt is ‘wet’ and I tell you that was perfect for today. It started out raining…and rained through out the whole day to even right this moment.

 Dot Bunny kept looking out the porch door to see if he could go out to play or not. The moment I caught it had just begun to pour again. Poor Dot…he was stuck inside all day. 

And I have failed to share the last couple of photos for #FMSPhotoaDay. So the following is the ones I missed sharing. 

10/29 – ‘hair’

A lion’s mane to be exact…now the photo I am sharing is the lion waiting for her mane to sewn on…all her hair is in the background in a huge pile. It takes a fair amount of ‘hair’ to make a Penny’s Pet lion mane.

10/28 – ‘Just for you’

SO this one is ‘Just for YOU’ Kiser Krafts fans!! Here is Birthday Ryan Lion. Kiser Krafts will be turning 1 on November 5th. I made this #socklion to giveaway to celebrate Kiser Krafts’ birthday! So this is just a ‘sneak-peak’…be ready to see him fully closer to the birthday. 

10/27 – ‘Peaceful’  

I took this picture last week of my son taking his nap and it was a peaceful time. Did you know naps are best when they are not in your own bed? Yeah, I didn’t either. He is such a sweetie. I moved him after I took the picture.  

 10/26 – ‘Depth of Field’

I was busy working on a tailor job for a Halloween Hunter Caplet. And Hester was watching my every move. I was able to catch this picture of him while at my sewing machine. I’m so thankful for his help.

So now we are all caught up!! What do you think about my pictures?? ☺ 



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