‘Clouds’ & ‘Part of me’

Two days…I waited for a good puffy cloud to capture for the #FMSPhotoaDay. Nope. So here is a picture I took of a storm we had blow in during the summer. So 11/12 – ‘clouds’:

This storm blew in fast and hard. Sun was shinning then all of sudden it grew dark. I love storms and this one captured my interest so much! Lightening during this storm was EPIC bright!

Today’s prompt ‘Part of me’ – well some back ground first then photo. I am a right handed crafter. Always have been and hope to be for the rest of life. If you have followed me for any length of time you know that I had a horrible car crash in 2004. The injuries include amnesia and short term memory loss but it also includes a battle with almost losing my right hand. Thankfully, they were able to fabricate a metal plate to hold it in place.

I am so glad I can still sew, draw, knit, and crochet. Now, I do have days where it hurts/aches and I cannot do as much as I wish. So I do my physical therapy to keep it moving. The hard part it is, if I overuse my hand…well…I have to break from my life line of sanity: crafting. But I do my best to ice and care for my wrist so I can have it work for a long, long time. And continue to create #Sockanimals for all of you!


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