Decorate Mon-storously this season!

I love decorating the tree at the Christmas season. And I love, love, love these darling handmade monster ornaments. There are only a few left and they help out a very good local, Kansas City, cause. I asked Cody, the owner of Lu & Ed, to write up a bit about them for me to share with my amazing followers. I am proud to hand over my blog to Cody…welcome Cody. Thank you for joining us to share about your Mon-storous way to decorate!

Here’s to a Monstrous Holiday Season!

Remember my Team Lu & Ed project I started earlier this year? Basically I take customer suggestions, and turn them into a reality by collaborating with other artists! I love working with others and Team Lu & Ed opens up so many new possibilities for my little shop, plus I get to know some really incredible people.

And today, I want to introduce you to one if those really incredible people, the latest member of Team Lu & Ed – Danielle of Squshies! I have worked with Danielle to turn my cute mascot Gabos into a limited edition holiday ornament, which is now available for pre-order in my shop!. There will only be ten ornaments created, and once they are gone they are gone!

But you know what is even more awesome? 50% of the sales price of the ornaments will be donated to Drumm Farm, a home for children and young adults in the Missouri foster care system. So your Mon-stor ornament purchase will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside! Once the last ornament sells, we will donate $110 to Drumm Farm to help make the holidays a little more magical for all of the residents!

And you know what else is pretty cool?! You can have the date sewn onto Gabos’ backside to make it uber special!

So please feel free to head HERE to order your very own to adorn your tree this year!! ☺


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