#StorenvyFlash30 #CyberMonday pt6

Did you go out on Black Friday?? I’m glad I plan on getting all my gifts from this EPIC #storenvyflash30 sale! I mean really, knives came out. Shots were fired…all over a TV?!? A Barbie?? Or some other object – that is just craziness. #CyberMonday sale – stay home, in jammies and safe shopping, my kind of sale! Now, on to some more EPIC shops that will be part of the huge group #StorenvyFlash30 #cybermonday sale!! You can find the full list HERE.
Included shops are:
 The Knotted Tree is a shop full of artistic prints. 

Just for Littles has your banking needs covered with these adorable hand-painted banks!

Poppys Garden Gate has adorable retro style sewn items! I really love this Wonder Women apron. 
Okay, we are half way there…stay with me…next we have…
Bellamy Tree has your Little Princess and/or Prince covered with adorable clothing and accessories! 

Anomic Apparel has EPIC tees for kids of all ages featured EPIC cool graphics! 

Afua Handmade has accessories, bows, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces that are super ‘yummy’!

East Evelyn Square is a shop full of pretty accessories, like earrings, necklaces, hair flare, and more. 

*wipes brow* Wow! Those are all EPIC awesome shops!! I do hope to see you again tomorrow for the LAST shops to share in this amazing #cyberMonday storenvyflash30 sale!!
For a full list of shops in the sale go: HERE Remember, buying from small indie businesses does help cause change in the world. At least it helps out a family trying to meet their own bills. And remember on Dec 2nd #cybermonday sale use code: storenvyflash30 to get 30% off at all these shops!

I know there are lot of shops here…which one today is your favorite? Leave me a comment, I’d love to know! ☺

One thought on “#StorenvyFlash30 #CyberMonday pt6

  1. Melanie G says:

    I am so excited for the sale! I want to get some tees from Anomic Apparel, and I love Just for Littles. Poppy's Garden Gate has some awesome gifts I'm going to buy for a few people on my list.

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