Book, Creative Process, Sunshine, and Random – #creativedaily catch up

I love these prompts for #creativedaily. I need to start setting an alarm or something to remind me to take the photos.

Day 25 – Book

These are three inspiring books that I am currently ‘reading’ – gleaning inspiration from! There are so many cute creative ideas in them!!

Day 26 – Creative Process

This is a dino hat in process…it is unsure how it is going to look finished but I am still working on it. it has been a fun hat to design/make.

Day 27 – Sunshine

These clouds were so pretty as they shifted over head. And the sun peeked out between them.

Day 28 – Random

Here is Little Miss this morning with her new Pink lion am working on. She asked for a pink lion yesterday after nap. I quote “I need Pink Princess lion to protect my Penlowope babies.” So, I started making her a lion. Today, I plan on adding her face and mane so she’ll be able to ‘protect’ the ‘Penlowope’ babies. And you know, if she asks for a new animal…I do my best to get it made for her. She is the reason I make the animals in the first place. 


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