Talk to me Tuesday: Kiser Krafts style

Happy Tuesday! I thought today I would talk to all of you about me and my shop, Kiser Krafts. Yes, I filled out my own form to make sure it was a fun form. If you would like to be featured on Talk to me Tuesday, email me at and I can send you the form to fill out.

Tell us about you!
Hi, my name is Kelly and I am addicted to socks, coffee, and crafting. I am a wife and mother of two toddlers( a girl & a boy). They make my life full and happy. I have sewn my whole life and have loved every moment of it. 

Tell us about your shop!  
Kiser Krafts – making useful socks playful since 2012
My cute little shop is full of sock creations with other crafts, crochet & sewing, thrown in. I love making toys, hats, scarves, and room decorations. My shop began with a birthday gift and a friend encouraging me to sell my creations. I have loved every moment of it. Kiser Krafts helps me stay home with my two young children and feed my sock/crafting addiction. 
What is your favorite thing to make?
That is a hard question…I love making everything I make! Lions are so much fun as they are texture and personality but I also love the bunnies as they come together with a huggablity and ‘hoppiness’. And then I love to crochet cute hats and infinity scarves as they add warmth to life. In the end, I love to craft. 

What is the hardest part of owning your own online shop? 

I think the hardest part is that it is all on me. I do not have help with stock production nor do I have the internet networking help. I do it all. So time is always running short. Coffee helps that part. 

Do you have any advice to share?

Advice: read, learn, find a community, and ask questions not to copy but to grow yourself. Know that it is hard work, time consuming, and well worth it. One thing I hold to is something someone told me early on in Kiser Krafts history: “Never compare your beginning to another’s middle or end.” – unknown Remember every journey takes it’s own time and path. 

I hope my advice can encourage and help you. You can find and follow me in several places. Follow my blog via GFC, Bloglovin, or by email. And you can follow my SHOP | FACEBOOK | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | TUMBLR

So now you know a little bit more about me and my shop, Kiser Krafts! Thank you for visiting and reading! 


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