Talk To Me Tuesday: Tiger Knitty

Welcome to Talk to Me Tuesday!! Today we are meeting a very talented knitter, Shelly of Tiger Knitty. She makes takes geek and puts it into her knitting and makes the most gorgeous paper beaded jewelry. 

Welcome Shelly! 

Tell us about you!

Hi my name is Shelly, besides the crafty things I like to dance (free style, belly, ballet), read, indulge in music both listening and playing – though the only instrument I currently have in guitar – my main is clarinet and I dabbled with violin so would love to get a hold of one again. no kids yet, maybe once I have a stable career and husband 😛

Tell us about your shop!

Tiger Knitty – started in 2012 (I think) after making a few things for friends/family.
I knit, scarves and hats mostly but also stuff for the home like coasters, toys, dice bags..
I also make jewelry, mostly bracelets at the moment, with paper beads. 


What is your favorite thing to make?
Its hard to choose… sometimes I like the big things that I can watch grow and then spread out and gaze at what I did like the Mileena shawl. other times I like doing something thats quick for the instant gratification or so that I can make a bunch of it in one night.  

What is the hardest part of owning your own online shop?

The constant push to promote and interact and making sure everything is polished and updated….and not seeing it pay off as quick as you hoped.
Do you have any advice to share?  
Have a solid style, and brand (colors, logo…) and blog. Also pictures – loooots of pictures to share all over the place, in the shop, blog, tumblr, facebook…and try to have at least some interaction in the community daily – even if its just a brief comment on facebook.  

I completely agree with that advice. Thank you so much Shelly for Talking with Us today! You can follow/find Shelly at her SHOP | FACEBOOK | TUMBLR | TWITTER | WEEBLY



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