A Gift that will last…

Today, I am going to be a touch mushy and real. I want to share about a gift I was given by my late Grandmama, one that is very dear to my heart.

She is the reason I know how to create, anything. She taught my Mom and my Mom taught me. But I was always heading to her “feet” to learn more. She was a sassy women who didn’t put up with much guff. I miss her dearly. Before her death, among the days of me sitting at her feet learning sewing or joining her for afternoon coffee, she handed me a bin of “baby” supplies. I remember excepting the bin thinking, “What am I suppose to do with this?” I didn’t speak that thought but a genuine “Thank you.” She smiled and patted my hand, “I’m done making babies, it’s your turn.” Little did I know the treasure she handed me at the time. 

Shortly after her death, I dug into that bin, knowing the “baby” making was now my responsibility. In that bin she had all of her paper patterns for all of her doll creations. Grandmama was a very talented seamstress. She sewed slip covers for furniture, clothing, fashion re-makes, curtains, quilts, and every kind of doll you could imagine. From big and long to itty bitty. Her talents were limitless. And she supported her eight children by staying home and sewing.

The pattern above is her main doll pattern. The pieces are hand drawn and labeled in her own script. People do not know how to write anymore. Look at how beautiful the cursive writing is. Priceless. I, now, have the privilege to work with this pattern. I was not taught her doll making secrets, drat. She could have given me a few pointers at least. (hahaha ☺) But I am going to put forth my best effort to learn doll making. And do what I can to create lovable “babies”.

Here is the second one I made from her pattern. I changed the way the doll was put together to make the pattern “my own”. I can’t cannot copy my Grandmama, I am not her, but I can continue to make the dolls she so loved to create.

This pattern was among the patterns and wasn’t even cut out. But I cut it out and decided that this pattern would become one of my main dolls I hope to create.

Above is my second attempt, and I am very pleased with how she turned out. Little Miss is so excited for me to make one of her own. Which I will be doing. This pattern was enjoyable to make, I will be making more of this style. ☺

I miss Grandmama every day. But in that ‘gift’, within that bin, contains the connection I never realized I would need. I pull out the pattern lay it on fabric to pin and cut out pieces and I feel her beside me. I sit at my sewing machine to sew the ‘baby’ together to feel her watching over my shoulder. In today’s world, we are so busy that we can miss out on the greatest gifts. They may be small or large. My greatest gift is the love of sewing that was instilled in me by my Mom and Grandmama and hand-drawn pattern pieces. What is your greatest gift that you have been given? Leave me a comment! I’d love to know! ☺

p.s. The new Kiser Krafts Doll line will be added to kiserkrafts.storenvy.com soon! 

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