Vacation…relaxing away from home.

Hi! I went quiet. And to be honest, I am so glad. I was really tired, stressed, and run down. A break, a serious break was needed.

I have enjoyed a zoo in Madison, parks, family time, playing at my parents home, and more. Mostly unplugged from the internet and being in the moment of time with my children and family members.

I have had the honor and privilege to watch my Mom work with both of my children. And see them flourish into excited learners!

She has encouraged Little Miss to write, and Little Monster to play and talk. 

We celebrated 4th of July with family and enjoyed beautiful weather. My husband and I failed to see the evenings fireworks display due to an accident at the near by park.

Our Little Monster fell off a park slide and gained a buckle break on his left wrist. He was a champ, barely crying, but acted far from normal. So off we went to the ER. He is recovering nicely and is due to have his blue cast off later on today.

And we have been excited to watch and learn about Grandma’s(Mom’s) caterpillar turning into a moth or butterfly. We are not sure which it will be as we found him in the backyard.

And lastly for now, we celebrated Little Miss’ 4th birthday. She is grew up so fast. Her smile gets brighter everyday and she cheers this Momma’s heart daily. We had cake and presents on the Saturday before her birthday with just Papa, Grandma, brother, and I. Then, we went out to Chucky Cheese for lunch the next afternoon.

Surprisingly, she had the honor to meet the main mouse and take a few photographs. He even handed out free tickets, to which, she was able to get the swirly straw she wanted. A very exciting and fun birthday, exactly what a 4 years needs.

Vacation…yes, it has been busy and almost a month long. But it has been refreshing, enjoyable, fun, and blessed. I still more to do on my list before I head home next week, not sure if I’ll time to share the goings ons but I will update you when I return home for sure. Happy summer!


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