B is for BEAR!

The alphabet…oh my…the alphabet. Twenty-six letters to form all communication. Little Miss is on the road of learning it and I am on the road of learning how to teach it. I have a new respect for teachers. I have always respected those in the profession, but now hold them in even higher respect. Teaching is not easy.

We have already worked with the letter A but I failed to take any photos while we practiced it. I, generally, fail at snagging photos while I am focused on my children. But ‘B’, I was more on top of things. But will admit, not a single one was edited for this post. First step for me was Googling pages for tracing the letter B. I found these two printables in the images that fit with what I wanted to teach. Little Miss did a great job completing them.

After we traced and wrote words on our dry ease board we headed into crafting. My daughter’s favorite part of learning. I had no real plan or idea what we should make. The krafty part of my brain started spinning. I pulled out brown paper, pink paper, glue, safety scissors, google eyes, and a black small pom-pom. I thought about the parts of a bear and cut out crude shapes for those parts.

These really are only a fast attempt at crafting a bear. You can switch any of the colors to suit your own little crafter. Little Miss likes pink and brown. In the above picture, the parts are not glued down yet, I wanted to make sure I made them small enough to fit on the paper. I handed the glue stick over and watched the little creative mind work.

She was so happy to have the control of the glue and of the project. I did not tell her where the parts went, just what part of the bear they were.When she finished with the bear, she decided, “girly bear’s have bows.” I cut out a quick pink bow to make the girl bear complete.

The moment it was finished, we used “sticky tape” to hang it up on the wall by the dinner table. She loves to see it hung there and was so happy to show Daddy at dinner time.

It is not much, but it was enough for her. Please, feel free to use this idea when teaching the Letter B to a child. The BEAR craft, krafted me through a moment of life’s kraziness.


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