Talk to Me Tuesday: Caitlin’s Amazing Pottery style

Welcome to Talk to Me Tuesday!! It has been a bit since I was able to interview a talented indie maker but when I was given the opportunity to interview my next guest, I jumped at the chance. Today we are meeting the very talented Caitlin, of Caitlin’s Amazing Pottery. She makes the cutest little clay figurines, decorations, and art pieces. 

Welcome Caitlin! It is a great honor to meet you! 

Tell us about you! 

 My name is Caitlin, and I like making pottery! I also enjoy cooking, watching BBC shows (Doctor Who and Sherlock are my favorites) and I am cocaptain of my Special Olympics swim team. The Dolphins rule the pool! I also have two cats, Oreo and Jackson, both are rescue cats.

Tell us about your shop!

My shop’s name is Caitlin’s Amazing Pottery. It all started when I was in high school. I tried pottery a few times and it was really fun! Then I found Essence of Art, a local studio and work space for people with different intellectual disabilities. Eventually I became the head potter there!
I no longer work at EoA, but I do now have my own studio at my home, a kiln, and a ton of mud to make into fun things.

I made clay houses, figurines of different cute animals, jewelry trays, dishes, ornaments, insence burners, air planters, all out of high quality stoneware, and the list of things I make is ever growing. 

 What is your Favorite thing to make?

 It’s a tie between my little round houses and my fox figurines.

What is the hardest part or owning your own online business?

Sometimes it’s hard finding your target audience, and also balancing making new things while keeping up with the internet side of the business. 

Do you have any advice to share?

Sometimes sales are slow, but it’s best to go with the flow and use it as a time to improve your shop and do what you love, create!  

I agree there, create what you love! It was so wonderful to meet you and learn more about your shop and craft. I am so glad you helped expand my craft community. Thank you so much for coming and talking to us today. You can find and follow Caitlin at her SHOP | FACEBOOK  | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM

Make sure to visit her and tell her a crafty ‘Hi!’ 


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