New Year 2015

Welcome 2015!! I am super excited for the new year, new ideas, and new adventures! As I look back over 2014, I can see so many wonderful things and so many not so wonderful things. But that just makes the fresh new year so exciting! There are so many days to write more of my life’s story, more of my shop’s story. 
I have not made resolutions for the last two New Year’s but have chosen a word to help guide me through out every day, week, and month of the New Year. Last year’s word was ‘goals’ and it served my year well. It really helped me stay focused to completing things and meeting those goals. I am super excited for the word of 2015!! 
Hope! Yeppers, that is word to guide, encourage, and fill my New Year. I am so hopeful for all the ideas I have. Super hopeful for getting better organized. I have hope for my family. And a bunch of hope for my shop and my shop goals. I am so hopeful that my fans, followers, will have a wonderful year along with me. There are some wonderful things ahead in 2015! I hope to see you all along the way. 
Have you made a resolution(s)? Or have chosen your own word of the year? I’d love to hear all about them, share them in a comment!

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