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A new year…tax time. I admit I am not completely on time of it this year. I lost track of time and my own movements last year. And, *raises hand*, I am guilty of forgetting to write things down as soon as they happen, like daily.

This is my goal this year to CHANGE this bad habit into a good one! WRITE it down, daily, weekly, and monthly. Now, I got inspired by a post in my newsfeed on Facebook, by Crafty Bookkeeping. She is hosting a series of ‘tips’ or ‘helps’ for one to gain knowledge of bookkeeping. Man, I am I thankful! I am so joining her challenge: 10 Day – #LoveYourbookkeeping Challenge .

She is encouraging first to WRITE it ALL down. As stated above, I am awful about this. Then I remembered something +Daft Crafts posted last year: FREE printable expense sheet. And in that post she encouraged WRITING down everything too. I love the resources that my crafty community provides for scattered brained me. I am so glad to print off this colorful and cheerful page…it is spurring me on to do better bookkeeping!

How are you at your bookkeeping? Feel free to comment any tips or tricks you have found that help your bookkeeping go smoothly! I love to learn MORE! ♥

Please, feel free to click the links to gain access to the ‘help’ I have found and join me in this New Goal. Tell them ‘Hi’, give them a ‘like’ follow, and tell them ‘Thanks’! Here is to ‘Better Book Keeping’!

Daft Crafts and Crafty Bookkeeping


4 thoughts on “New Goal better Book Keeping

  1. Kelly Kiser says:

    Thank you Lisa for the amazing challenge! And with your awesome teaching/encouragement and my H.O.P.E. in place…I will have a better year of bookkeeping! ☺

    p.s. H – hustle ; O – opportunities : P – positives ; E – energy – my word of the year

  2. Clyde Hudson says:

    Challenging oneself is a great endeavor. It motivates you more on achieving your goals — which in this case, focuses on your financial goal. It also makes you be aware of your expenses, and create a strategy on how you can keep to your specific budget for a certain period. That, and planning your finances for the following month and the like also helps. Just make sure to make adjustments, should any emergency expenses arise. Thanks for sharing!

    Clyde Hudson @ Stewart Technologies

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