Fickle Face? Me too plus a Giveaway!

I have been prone to a ‘dirty, fickle’ face since my teens. Seriously, ‘crater face’ was the most common used insult I had growing up. I have always been hyper-sensitive about it but learned to hold my head high and hope that as I grow older, my body chemicals would change and I’d be at last acne free. I mean there is always hope, right? Bah! My parents hoped that when I married and was pregnant, it would shift those glands from producing too much sebum. Two babies later, alas, I am a 30 something with a face filled like a teenager. I mean I love the idea of getting carded for my age(this girl will take any kind of flattery she can get after 30) but seriously, enough already.

These photos were taken this past week…no modifications, filters, or editing to the photos other then adding a frame and words. It looks almost the same but look at the pores on my nose and that huge red spot up at my hair line. Yep, it is a small scab and my nose is not so loaded with blackheads. Healing, smoothing out, pores calming down with help of my NEW ‘tool'(Read on to find out what it is!). Trust me when I say, that small part of my face was the least amount of blemishes I currently have upon my ‘fickle face’.

So like many, I searched for a topical treatment. I have used so many different products that I can’t barely even remember them all. All of them had the same result. They work for a time then would stop preventing acne from arising. Now, I do know stress plays a huge role in acne(and I have no shortage of that with two toddlers) but there still had to be something that would work. And work effectively, efficiently.

Luck was on my side. I have been hosting the Nerdy Fox Blog as a sponsor for a time when she shared with me she was opening an ETSY soap shop and that she was running a giveaway on her blog to giveaway a soap package. So, headed right over to read about her darling shop and to do what PR I could to help her giveaway get shared and seen. I entered, and color me surprised! Was the very lucky winner!

She was so giving in that giveaway and I FELL in love with the soaps and fizzy bathbombs. Because she gave me so much, way more then I felt I deserved, I decided I would give her my honest opinions of her work and write a blog post review on them. She did not ask me too but I still felt that way, like I got to be her first taste tester. I started out trying the Pumpkin Spice bar of soap(I LOVE it! Totally smells divine and makes your skin soft but that is a review for another day). And then I had a rare night where my two toddlers went to bed with no fight or fuss. I took the opportunity to soak in a bath to try out a fizzy ball. I chose the blue one as sage is a relaxing smell to me. Ahhh, it was 30 minutes of mommy alone time, enjoying the hot water turn my muscles to mush, pure bliss! But all things have to end, so I pulled the plug and started to dry off. While I was doing that I noticed a blue hue around the middle of my tub. “Oh no!” I thought. “Her recipe for coloring is slightly off. Must tell her ASAP!” Now, it did not stain the tub, came right off with a magic eraser but I still sent off an email to Heather letting her know of the problem so she could change her recipe before sending out any more blue fizzy bathbombs.

Gonna hit ‘Pause’ right here and tell you – I LOVE the blue fizzy ball. It was super relaxing and smelled amazing. The fizzy bathbombs really add moisture to your skin as you soak – love them.

Okay, back to the email sent. She replied same day, with an apology, the reassurance she would fix the problem with the recipe, and an offer to send me something different. I kindly refused not because I didn’t like her products but because I had won her wonderful products. I did not want to take advantage of her generosity, but let her know if she so wished too she could send me something NEW to her shop for me to review for her. I did not expect anything, honestly, and truthfully. BUT man, was a so thankful she sent me my first bar of Activated Charcoal Soap!

In the card she wrote a short note of why she sent this particular bar to me. “It helps heal blemishes. Activated charcoal is said to draw out toxins and impurities which makes this soap great for acne and it is gentle enough for all skin types. I hope it will be of some help to you. ~H” What a sweet heart! I instantly went to wash my face! FELL in LOVE! This soap washes my face so that the gunk just oozes out of my pores. I still have acne every once and awhile due to my hormone fluctuations but this Activated Charcoal Circle of Soap is my ‘go to’ tool to battle the red, white, and black pimples I war with all the time. I am a firm believer in the fact activated charcoal draws out toxins and it really cleans my face. Now, I have made a system of washing morning and night to help keep my pores clean. After the morning washing I do use a touch of Mary Kay Botanical combination skin lotion to help stop my skin from getting too dry during these winter months. You do not need too but I generally get dry winter skin even oily enough to get pimples. Silly fickle face skin, so glad I have the right tool now to keep it in line.

WOW! You made all the way down here?!?! Sweet! Thank you so much for letting me share MY story of how I came to be a Activate Charcoal Circle Soap lover! NOW is the very exciting news! The owner of Cheaha Soaps has given me permission to GIVEAWAY a Bar of Activated Charcoal Soaps to one lucky winner! ☺ And she has given me an exclusive discount code( KISERKRAFTS15 it’s an EPIC 15% off discount!![exp 3/15/14]) so everyone of my awesome readers can head over to her Etsy SHOP and snag their own “acne war” fighting bar of soap! Enter and Good luck!

9 thoughts on “Fickle Face? Me too plus a Giveaway!

  1. Mayve says:

    I think my son would benefit from the activated charcoal soap, he has very bad acne, especially on his forehead, and my nose… Oy, sometimes I think there are more blackheads than nose on it! lol I've already "favourited" several soaps from the shop, and plan to buy them just as soon as I get some tax money in. 😊

  2. Melanie G says:

    my grandparents use activated charcoal powder or capsules often when they/we were sick with colds. its supposed to help draw out toxins. Its also good for cold sores. I've never used it as a facial wash, but it makes sense that it would work. I'd love to try it!

  3. Kelly Kiser says:

    I wish I had known about this soap when I was in my teens, it really helps. I have found though it works better if I wash morning and night then just once a day. And I am not surprised – I love all of her soaps! Thank you for 'hearting' so many! Good luck in the giveaway. ☺

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