Februray goals

I recently met two new blogs, My So-Called Chaos and A Peek at Karen’s World, that are inspiring me to blog more often. (Also found out The Nerdy Fox blog is doing this challenge too.) This year they are hosting a ‘Goal setting Post’ Link party each month. I am super bad at remembering what goals I set and figured if I blogged them…I’d remember better. And you all can check in with me to keep my accountable to them. ☺

Monthly Goals 
 You can join in too…just click on the photo it will take you to the original link up for the month.
 Recap of January Goals:
  • unpacking from month away IN Progress only my toiletries bag left
  • choose a Word of the year and blog it Complete!
  • Go through kids toys and organize their room Complete!
  • make new logo graphic and put it to use Complete!
  • Organize and Reopen shop Complete!!!

I really didn’t make many goals for the start of they year as the month of January is my recovery month in the year. Did you meet your goals?

Goals for February:
  •  Make and add 5 new products
  • Blog 3 per week – minimum
  • Start writing down and keeping a book
  • go through my belongings and organize it
  • donate clothes and shoes I no longer wear
  • Clean up and organize my craft supplies
  • Stay on top of networking, group, responsibilities

Well, it helps to see them written down. Now I can make a plan of action and do my best to complete this list. It seems short…but then it seems long. It is a good thing I have the month. ☺

Are you going to join in the Goal making Link up?


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