Get to know the MAKER – Q & A #2

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Kimi Who is currently hosting a monthly link up party that focuses on getting to know the people behind the blogs. And I personally think it is genius. I mean there are blogs out there that I wished I knew more about the “man behind the curtain”, so to speak. I am hopping on the ‘the Get to Know Me’ train with my first Q & A post. The questions are hers and I am excited to answer them. 
Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?
Yes…I do…my husband doesn’t. He has never had a “good or enjoyable” Valentine’s Day. Something I am trying to change for him, every year. I love to make pink heart pancakes, make handmade cards, and send sweet treats to those I love. It makes my heart happy to add a touch extra to the love I try to show every day of the year.

If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do?
This question is not so easy to answer…there is SO many things I would LOVE try to do in this life. I think I would go on the Voice or American idol. I love to sing but I do not feel that it is to the talent or trained voices that appear on that show. But if I knew I couldn’t fail, well, by Jove, I’d be on that stage, singing my heart out.  
Do you collect anything?
The better question would be – What don’t I collect? I am not a hoarder, promise, but I save things to keep them out of the landfills, while having formal collections. My largest collection is my Sock Collection. I have the higher side of 600 character and holiday themed socks. These are the ones that may or may not be worn. Then I have the Sock Animal/Creations collection. These are cut and sewn to make the lovable, ecofriendly, sock plushies.  I love them so much! I have a small collection of funny unique pens and pencils. My favorite one no longer writes but it is the game ‘Trouble’, so do not really care. And finally, I have a collection of handmade dolls. Most of them are creations of my late Grandmama but there are a few newer ones from crafters I have met in the last 4 or 5 years. I do have a few other things that I collect like antique blue glass, wooden angels, craft supplies, but they are minor in the larger picture of life. 
Where do you find Inspiration?
This is a question I am adding as it is one my followers ask often. Inspiration is always around me. A giggle from my son or daughter, a bird singing outside my window, or even a good cup of coffee inspire my creative brain. I draw my creative energies from everything around me. I love music, nature, snuggles from my kids, coffee, and, always, a call to/or from my Mother. There is so much positivity out there and all of it helps me create ‘my world’. I always look for the silver lining and within that is inspiration. 
  So, how about you? Will you join in the Q & A link up over at Kimi Who?

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