Pretty Spring Crochet Hat Pattern…in Russian – yeah – Let ME try that

I am an avid crochet person. I love it. I am self taught and I do it because it helps out my brain remember things(Read more about that HERE & HERE). I am so honored when someone comes to me and asks me to create something for them.

Just recently a dear lady of my church found out she is fighting stage 4 cancer and her daughter approached me via my facebook to make her Mom a few of these hats(only two pictured below). They are beautiful spring hats and crochet. I can do that. I’m very honored to make them.

 Sweet aren’t they? Even greater is the pattern is free…so off I go to the site: HERE . It is in Russian. I don’t speak Russian. DRAT! So have Goggle Translate it…yeah…that really didn’t help much. But praise the Lord…the original designer used a bunch of photos to show each step to her creations. I did my calculations to make the hat bigger for an adult and began the hat adventure.

So my first attempt was a flop. It didn’t cone to make a hat. It looked like a saucer. I totally frogged it. But I really want to encourage my friend in the battle she is fighting so I decided I’d try again. I found this English version at Trifles and Treasures that encouraged me more. And it was more of a blessing that it was again a free pattern. But as I got going with it…it didn’t look the way I wanted. So, what do you do when you can’t find a crochet pattern you like?  Yep, you write/make up your own.

Here is what I have so far. A few more rows on the brim and then I will start making some flowers to add to it. Should I write down my version of this beautiful spring time hat? Would you try to make it too?


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