A New Beginning – Apparently

Good morning! ☺

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So, yesterday I canceled my GoDaddy believing I had shifted everything on to my NEW hosting site. Yeah…drat…not so much. I had transfer my Domain Name to the NEW place, Namecheap (which is an excellent blog host & domain keeper). Hosting was not transferred. 😖


Poof! Crash! All my newer posts from this past year gone. Yes. I had a back up file – try to open it up. ‘Error – File is Corrupt’.

“Are you kidding me?!?” 😜

So, I re-imported my posts from my original blog that was on Blogger. Now, understand all the posts imported were original to me learning how to blog. So, they are not as polished as I have learned to write. We all learn and grow. And I know backing up your blog posts is rather important…more so now. ☺ Also, typing them up in a Word document and then copy/pasting them over is not unwise. One would have all the files stored in the Word program. Yes. I didn’t now do this. I generally type up posts within the wall of my blog. 😜

I will be contacting GoDaddy to see if they perhaps has a backup file of my blog…so please, continue to stick with me as I go through this NEW blog adventure. And please, look forward to a new posting of Handmade Mania week 50 as I do have that Inlinkz script available.

Again, Thanks for being EPIC followers and readers. You make my life a better place.

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