Sharing Saturday week 9 – Link-up for Everyone!

Happy Day! Welcome to week 9 of Sharing Saturday Link-up! ☺ I am currently getting ready to enjoy some family time and hang out with my new nephew. ☺ I so thankful to be able to take a very quick, short trip up to meet the newest member of my family. ☺

Last week’s stats:

  • 18 links
  • 40 clicks

Those number ROCK! ☺ You are all awesome! It was great to see new things to read and share! ☺

Top Viewed:

Sharing Saturday wk 9 #SSlinkup - #linkup for Everyone

Blue & Gold Inspirational Domino Necklace made by Starr Dust JewelrySD is a beautiful piece that encourages one to ‘Breathe’. Something, I forget to do in stressful parts of life. ☺ A very nice reminder.

Sharing Saturday wk 9 #SSlinkup - #linkup for Everyone - Dragon Scale Fingerless Gloves

These Dragon Scale Fingerless Gloves by The Craft Penguin are inspiring and look super cozy for the colder months ahead! They are totally customizable in color, size and length! ☺ Perfect for the dragon lovers of the world!

Sharing Picks:

Sharing Saturday wk 9 #SSlinkup - #linkup for Everyone - Wilde Design Cosplay DIY

Once again, Wilde Designs does an EPIC Cosplay DIY! This is so easy and, while I have NO clue who this female comic hero character is, I’d LOVE to dress up like this! It is green, sexy, FUN, creative, vibrant, and EASY. How about you? 😉

Who is Clowning around? Why Agent 54 is! Clowns have become a News topic of late…and Agent 54 share a few of his favorite ‘good’ classic clowns. ☺ Is your favorite one listed? Mine is not, but mine is not a famous clown. Mine is my Dad. He use to dress up when he was younger to bring joy to young and old alike upon his unicycle. He always was my favorite clown. ❤️

sharingsaturdaybanner via @KKhandmade #SSlinkup link-up

Welcome to the new link up! This link up is for anything on the internet that you love! It can be any platform. Any blog, post, board, tutorial(s), DIY’s, products, and profiles. ☺ This is a link up for everyone! ☺


  1. Add up to 3 links.
  2. Share the link up and at least 2 other links using the hashtag #SSlinkup. (that way this link up will continue to grow 😉)

Pretty simple, right? 😉 Ia m super excited to see what links you add. ☺



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