Welcome a New Year – 2017!

Hello, 2017! Welcome to a New Year to create a positive world around you. It was a wonderful winter break, full of memories, and enjoyable family time. I seriously unplugged from the computer and only accessed the internet via my smartphone occasionally. It was super refreshing.

Happy 2017 via @KKHandmade blog

Now the question is…set resolutions? Do you have a tradition of setting a New Year Resolution each year?

A few years ago, I chose to pick a WORD to make the year. 2015 was HOPE, 2016 was FAITH, and the WORD that has spoken to me for 2017 is JOY.

This year is the year to stop letting the injuries STOP me from DOING what I KNOW I can do. Over the winter break, I was given a short trip out to the store with my Dad and he said something that really struck me. Sitting in the car with him, he casually stated, “Kel, this is the first time since your accident that you are like you were before the injuries.” He shrugged, “I think you can let the accident go, it is no longer an excuse. I had a wreck and I still forget. It is normal human nature.” So, while I do struggle…this year…I will not let it slow me down or hinder me. 2017 is the year for ME to overcome Me. Wish me luck! And check in with me, help keep me accountable to myself.

Did you make resolutions? Or did you choose a WORD? Share what they are in the comments!




4 thoughts on “Welcome a New Year – 2017!

  1. Jennifer says:

    Resolutions have never had a way of working out for me. With your inspiration, I’ve chosen a word for the past few years too. “Faith” has been my rock the past 2 years, but now I feel I can finally move onto a new word. So, “Focus” it is! 🙂

  2. KKHandmade says:

    Wonderful Jennifer! Focus is a great word…one that I could use, too. ☺ I am so glad I could inspire you to chose a WORD for your past few years. ☺ You inspire me, too, daily. Keep up the crafty work!

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