Handmade Mania week 70 Link-up FUN!

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Hello! 🌷 Welcome 🌷to the new link-up week! Last week was crazy. We had Spring break, were all coughing, and slept in every day til 9 am. It was relaxing, crazy, and fun. 🌷

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Are you NEW to Handmade Mania weekly link-up?? 🌷Welcome! 🌷

What is this post you ask? This is a weekly link up for handmade products within your online shop to help them be seen by a whole new group of people! By you linking up and sharing others, others share your products on their social medias, putting you in front of a new group of people. And by doing so, you are building upon your crafty network of exposure with minimal effort. Please, make sure to share this link up with another amazing handmadelove indie shop! Then we all will meet someone new.

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Last weeks Linkup:

  • 48 links

  • 173 clicks


Whoa! I am so impressed! 🌷Those are wonderful numbers. 👍 You guys are wonderful! 🌷 Thank you all so much for joining and sharing. You all make this link up work and grow.☺ And a huge encouragement to me. 🌷 ☺

Handmade Mania week 70 Krazy Views via #handmadelove #linkup

Rainbow Bead Ring Set by Wilde Designs

Citus Cupcake Hotpad and Love Hanging towel Set by We R Crafts

Crochet Bunny by The Craft Penguin

Harry Potter Hogwarts Hand Painted Shoes by Heart and Soles

I had so much fun choosing the 🌷“Krazies Picks” 🌷this week while I was sick. You all added amazing handmadelove🌷 🌷products! It was hard to choose. Enjoy my picks!

Handmade Mania wk 70 Krazies Picks via #handmadelove #linkup

Succulent Painted on Stone by Star Struck Creations

Turquoise & Copper Tree of Life necklace (SALE) by Be a Bella Original

Happy Mail Stickers by Nerdfelt

Wire Wrapped Bird Nest Necklace by Dragonfly HJ Jewellery

Shamrock Hair Clips by BownanzaUtah

☺Now onto the NEW week!☺

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Here are the RULES 🌷

You can link up to FOUR individual products from your shop below for some networking/sharing fun! Select FOUR products from the collection to SHARE via social media using #handmadelove. What can you link up? If you make it with your own hands, you may add it, including designed items. Please, do not link to your Facebook page or Blog posts. All other platforms excepted.

Please share in a comment what FOUR products you share and where. I will do my best to respond timely. Thank you! ☺

By doing this, you’ll be able to share EPIC handmade goodness and build your handmade network! Please share this link up with someone else this week. The more people we have to join in, the more our items will be shared and seen! You sharing this link up, helps it to grow even more! I am super excited to share some EPIC Handmade Goodness this week!! Make sure to use the #handmadelove so I can find and share what you share easily. Thank you.  ☺

How to link up:

  1. Click “add your link”

  2. Box 1: add the URL to your Individual product hit tab

  3. Box 2: will add product details – edit those as you wish

  4. Box 3: put in your email address

  5. then select a thumbnail photo and hit DONE! ☺

    Share it if you wish too! They make it very easy with buttons for the main sharing platforms.

Your item now has 8+chances of being featured this upcoming week! Make sure to link-up, share, and share the link up with someone else! The more we share this link up, the more people are viewing our shops and the more potential of turning a browser into a buyer. I am so excited to see what #handmadelove links you post! ☺


Whoa! All #handmadelove #products are welcome in this SWEET #linkup - Join in for #free #promotions!