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Happy Friday!

What a beautiful day to share with you some of my favorite Planner things! I am starting to claim sticker addiction status.

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Friday Favorites include #Planner #stickers - #PlanwithMe (planner graphic by Erin Bradley)

So first, the biggest news is I was invited to become a PR Girl for the shop Pretty Cute Planner. It is a great honor as I am NEW to the planning world. But I am SO in love with her shop and creations! Each sticker so far that I have purchased has been better than the last. I love all her different styles and that she sizes them for all the different planners out there. So more on that later on in this post.

My planner began back in mid-March with an amazing sale at Micheal’s, encouragement from my two best crafty friends, and a gift card. I was able to buy a new Big Happy Planner beginner kit. The kit had everything you needed to get started. And enter a newbie to the planner universe. I was not prepared for all the wonderful shops, stickers, pretties, and EPIC planner tips to make life MORE organized.

Big Happy Planner via FridayFavorites

My sweet friend, Zei of Pelhuaz, sent me cute princess stickers and a planner clip to celebrate with me on my NEW planning journey. And it seriously made my day. I was on my way. So, where do you go to find stickers?  Right, Etsy. I started looking and looking at my budget. What can I do with next to nothing but want to add flare to my planner? Yep. Head to Pinterest. Jen and I went pining crazy. We both created FREE Printable Planner Sticker boards. Visit MINE or HERS to find some wonderful free printables. But then I had funds open up, I chose to Google planner stickers. I am drawn to green and coffee. My blood type is coffee.😜 I best go get it a cup. ☕️ Ahhhh, now I found several amazing sticker kits but landed on Pretty Cute Planner site. It was filled with pretties and the shop had a sale going. I ordered my first sticker kits: Mint and Wood and Pumpkin Spice along with a sweet sampler sheet. (Hey, there was a sale) And I waited. *blink* An email the next day saying it had been sent. WOW! So fast! When it arrived it was like Christmas morning.

HappyMail from PrettyCutePlanner

I was so impressed. I had NO clue the LOVE it would create in my “Planner Heart”. I was so excited to use the beautiful Mint and Wood stickers and was so impressed with their quality. They feel so nice and it was easy to write my plans upon them.

Big Happy Planner featuring PrettyCutePlanner Mint and Wood sticker kit

LOVE. Instantly. I was so excited I pulled out some stickers I had from the sticker club of ScrawnyGirl(who is now HelloQuirky). It was fun to see green on my planner for me to keep track of what I needed to accomplish for the kids, home, blog, and shop. I started printing my own from the free collection I had on my boards. And my sweet friend, Zei, started creating her own for her planner. She shared them with me to test in mine. OH, her cactus one is SWEET! I am NOW so in love with cactus. And it worked SO well beside Pretty cute Planner’s cacti kit. This is my current week’s theme. I have a hard time not just staring at my sweet planner. Like. ALL. Day. See, I told you addicted. ☺️

So adorable! I already ordered that cacti kit again from Pretty Cute Planner. So, in the midst of this whole last month, I became a PR Girl for Pretty Cute Planner. It was such a sweet surprise and honor. I had applied with little hope in my mind as I personally have only had my planner for a week and a half. But the opportunity to share my NEW FOUND love of Pretty Cute Planner was just too hard to pass up. And now I have a special discount code for me and my amazing followers. If you are in need of stickers, head over to Pretty Cute Planner and use code: PCPBunny20 at checkout for 20% off! (pst – shh – it even works if her shop is having a SALE!)

Whaaaaat!?! #FridayFavorites features #PrettyCutePlanner & so many others! PLUS an exclusive #SALE code for #KKHandmade readers!

I ordered more from her shop because funds became available. Oh, it was so hard to pick and choose. I seriously love all of her designs. She is so creative. So, my next order including things I need to keep track of – bath times for kids, laundry, meals for the week. She had stickers for each one as well as Easter. I fell in love with her Easter Kit – both Retro and Happy Easter. I had SO much fun organizing where the stickers would lay on Easter week and the following.

HappyMail from Pretty Cute Planner - #plannerstickers #Easter #functional

Happy Easter Planner Spread by Pretty Cute Planner #plannerlife #Easter #plannerspread

Retro Easter Planner Spread by Pretty Cute Planner - #Easter #Retro #planner #plannerspread

Are they not adorable?!? I am so set for Easter. Then the next week features my friend Jen’s NEW planner shop: Craft Penguin Planner! SHE is just as addicted as me, but where I have no know-how to create stickers. She does and it snowballed into a second shop. And she created planner stickers with one of my other addictions, crochet. It is adorable!

Crochet Planner Sticker mid-week spread by Craft Penguin Planner

There are so many MORE amazing stickers that I love, like QtsyLife‘s NEW Beauty and the Beast set (which has been added to my planner sticker dream list) and Pelhuaz latest design Hot Air Balloons Kit (also on my wishlist) from her NEW planner shop. But this post is pretty full. I will share more next week!

Do you have a planner? Which one? Do you have a favorite planner sticker shop? Share in the comments.

Thank you for stopping by!

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4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – Planner Pretties

  1. Shawna says:

    Your planner is totally cute! I write all over mine and have no room for cute stickers >_< I loved seeing the sticker club stickers in action! xo

    • KKHandmade says:

      Thank you! It is all written on now. I took the photo before the ink. And I miss your stickers. You created so many wonderful designs. I still have a handful and plan on using them when they fit into my planner week theme. ^_^ Your Easter sticker set is in use next week. ♥ xo

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