Thursday Thoughts via My Favorite Memes

Hello. I love memes. They seriously can SAY so much in a comical way. There memes for almost every topic. These are a few of my current favorites.




Yes, I am a coffee addict. I seriously survive the day because of that warm, hot liquid. It is liquid life and it helps calm down my “inner crazy wife/Mom mode”.




Ahhh, my favorite hobby, craft, medium…crochet! It is pure joy to sit and crochet an object together. It is relaxing, easy to do, and helps me, personally, with my memory troubles. It is the main therapy I do for my mentality. I hope you had a small chuckle at those memes above. ^_^



I am a Mom to one very unique little boy. We have our good days and bad, just like everyone else. I would not trade him for the world. But there are times where he takes more of my time than normal. One thing to know about me, my family is always first. They mean the world to me. That is the main reason my blog posts are not always consistent. There are some weeks where I do not have enough time to type one up. I do hope you all continue to stay with me. I so enjoy sharing handmade things with you. Plus, in my crazy world, my blog is my small spot of happy (other than my couch corner where I get to crochet or hand sew).

As always, Thank you for stopping by.

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