Planner Bug got Me!

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It has been a bit since I took the time, made the time, or had clear thoughts in my head to share. Sometimes life just is a jumbled mess for me. But a “bug” bit me. The “Planner Bug”.

Hump Day Planner Girl via Victoria Thatcher Planner Printable

I was bitten by the #planner 'bug' - were you too? #plannerlife #plans #planneraddict

So, Happy Hump Day!

I have to share that I have been serious “bit” by the planner sticker bug. I mean I LOVE my Big Happy Planner! It has made my life so much more organized but – here is the REAL Life part – I only want to sticker and plan like ALL the time! ☺ And if I am not stickering, I am scrolling through my favorite planner sticker shops (Pretty Cute Planner, Craft Penguin Planner, Pelhuaz Planner, Keep It Simple Stickers plus SO much more!). I just cannot get over how many adorable stickers designs there are out there!

First, is this adorable order from Keep It Simple Stickers. I ordered a “Misses Kissed” bag and was super impressed. There was nothing wrong to my eye as to why they were “oopsie” sheets. Each page were filled with usable stickers. And I ordered during a “Sale” to receive that adorable die cut hand drawn coffee cup and matching sticker page. Join her Facebook group to hear all about all the cuteness and exclusive offers! It made my coffee heart happy!

Next, here are a few printables from Pelhuaz Planner. I was trying to figure out what to use in my planner for the week…and Autumn Leaves Theme is at the top of my list as we draw closer to September 22, the first day of Autumn. You can order your own copy HERE and use code: PPBunny20 for 20% off your order, no minimum. And make sure to join her Facebook Group to learn more and see the latest releases!

With fall just a week or so away, I have to share this adorable, fashionable, Glamorous Fall Fashion weekly kit by Pretty Cute Planner. I was so impressed with how colorful and vibrant it was! Order your own in her shop, use code: PCPBunny20 for 20%off your order, no minuim (expires 9/30/17). I am excited to use it in my planner soon! Make sure to join Pretty Cute Planner’s Facebook Group to see MORE of these gorgeous sticker kits.

Then, there is Craft Penguin Planner. Let me tell you, she started out with printables. And they were/are AMAZING (they are still available in her shop). Then her husband surprised her with a sticker cutting machine. And BOOM! Her shop exploded with cute physical Planner stickers. It has been wonderful to watch her transition. SO much cute! This shark week was so cute in person! My picture does not give it justice. You can order your kit HERE, use code: CPPBunny20 for 20% off your order, no minium. And also make sure to join her Facebook Group to see all the new things she is creating!

Here are a few of my favorite weeks in my own Big Happy Planner. Enjoy.

Rainbow Unicorn Sticker Week created by Pretty Cute Planner in my personal Big Happy Planner

Love of Coffee Theme week created by Pelhuaz Planner in my personal Big Happy Planner

Shark Week created by Craft Penguin Planner in my personal Big Happy Planner

And I have just recently purchased from Keep it Simple Stickers, so, have not used the kit I recieved yet. But it is on my planner week list.

Do you have a favorite from above? Share it in a comment below!

Happy Planning!












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