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Harmonious Handmade - small business Facebook group via @KKHandmade

It’s no secret that I support small businesses. I do weekly linkups and am always helping other shop owners. I love building the small business handmade community.

But one thing that has been missing recently is something I had to start out as a handmade shop owner- a community on Facebook where I could go to chat about what I’m doing, ask questions, engage with other shop owners on their social media platforms, and just go back to because I enjoy being there. I miss the connections and the fun of being with like-minded people.

So much has changed the past several months. Groups I once had as my absolute favorite has become inactive. Some no longer allow me to be included because I don’t sell on “that” platform anymore. And others just quit doing interactive posts where we as shop owners can share our products or posts to help each other with engagement. And I must say, I truly miss it!

When I requested to join a group, my friend Jen, of The Craft Penguin and Craft Penguin Planner, was an admin for a while back, she expressed her concern that I was joining a “dead” group.
I was bummed. I was really seeking for a place to engage with other business owners to learn, grow, and build friendships. So, we started talking about how much we truly missed having the communities we once had. We considered revamping the old group she was the co-admin of, but then decided it was best to start fresh to create the community we envision and missed.

I’m happy to say that all in a day’s work, we (more Jen than me) officially have the group up and running! Now, we are just looking to fill it with amazing Shop Owners! If you are a Shop Owner selling on ANY platform, including your own website, you are welcome at Harmonious Handmade! It is a community where all shop owners can unite and help support and uplift each other! We encourage crafty talk and fun, sharing WIPs, getting advice, as well as provide posts for you to engage with each other to help improve your reach and promote sales. It’s going to be the only community you’ll ever need!

There are 3 questions you must answer to be accepted into the group, but it’s to ensure that we aren’t getting spammers. We want this to be your favorite place on Facebook. Sound like a place for you? Click the image above to go join!

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