Handmade Mania week 138 Feature Shops & BIG News

Hello! Welcome to Handmade Mania. It is great to see you today.


Today I am sharing with you some amazing news – I started a new job at Dollar Tree nearby as a Cashier and Greeter. It was random and a huge blessing I did not realize I needed in my life. My first day went amazing and I am excited to continue to use the many talents I have with the general public. I am going to keep on crafting for my shop, Kiser Krafts Handmade, in my spare time but I can no longer promise the handmadelove linkup each week. It is with a heavy heart, I announce this will be the final Handmade Mania ( after almost 6 years – on two different blogs) linkup and shop features. There will be no link up at the bottom. I know this is a shock, no notice. No heads up, but life didn’t give me one really either. But I am doing my best to flex with it. 

I would love to encourage you to join in Craft Penguin Planner’s Penguin Luv weekly linkup! She does a marvelous job hosting each week and featuring handmade products. She would LOVE to see your shop there. I am serious…go join her link up. It is the only one I know of that actively shares your work. And remember YOU have to do your part. Add your product and share others. That is truly how the linkups are a success. You help them grow. 

Last weeks Linkup:

  • 30 links

  • 29 clicks


Wonderful amount of links! 30 handmade products are wonderful! Thank you all of you for your faithfulness, time, sharing, and joining each week over the five, six years of this crazy linkup idea I had to show off others amazing creations. It has been an honor and privilege to share your shops and work with all my followers. 

Handmade Mania Krazy Views

Cactus Clip by Craft Penguin Planner

Fall Stripes Bow Clip by Kiser Krafts Handmade

United States Keychain by Unique 2Chic Designs

Crystal Earrings by Honey Bunny Jewelry Boutique

And I sought out help with Krazies Picks this week. Y’all are super talented, I could not decide it was just too hard. Jennifer from Craft Penguin Planner was kind enough to give me a hand. She has amazing taste. Enjoy her picks!

Handmade Mania week 138 Krazies Picks

Best Friend Gift by Blissful Khaos

Black Gold Amazonite Beaded Necklace by Diane’s Dangles

Elephant Appliqued Quilt Blocks by ZizzyBob

Kawaii Rose Rings by Wilde Designs

Thank you so much for joining me each week for this amazing blog post. I enjoyed every week. And it is sad to see it go but I know I will not have the time to invest into it like it needs. Thank you one last time for all your linkup support. 

Now, what does the future look like for my blog?

Well honestly am not completely sure. I know I will be keeping it and will start doing more of “brain dumping” type posts. Where I share about me, my family, my hobbies, my wishes, and of course, my crafting. So, please continue to check in from time to time as I will randomly be posting when I have free times or inspiration hits. Thank you again for all your support. May you have a crafty day! I am off to my new job! See you in my next post! 

2 thoughts on “Handmade Mania week 138 Feature Shops & BIG News

  1. Diane Schamp says:

    Thank you for hosting the many linkups and doing features on us all, I know that you put a lot of time into doing all this and is very much appreciated. It did bring traffic to my shops. Your blogs are so much fun!. And congratulations on your new job, Wishing you success and will see you on the Facebook Harmonious Handmade.

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