Epic Help

I love when help comes just when you need it! Lu & Ed’s ( owner, Cody, came over and shared EPIC thoughts on taking photos and editing photos. It was a fun time! We talked, played, and took photos. She really opened my eyes to the importance to a well taken photo. It was fun Read More

A motorcycle Dream

Okay, I know I already shared a story featuring my daughter. I do have a son. The newest news for him is, he is climbing the stairs and teething. Not much but I am sure in the future I will share a story with him as the main character. Now on to what happened this Read More


Hi! Welcome to Kiser Krafts brand new blog! I very excited about this new venture I am taking on. Blogging…who knew I’d be doing it!?! First, let me introduce myself. I am Kelly Kiser and I craft. Pretty simple, huh? Let me expound on it a little more. I am a wife, Mother, and a Read More