Handmade In KC favorites

Hi! I want to share some amazing products from a few of my local indie handmade artisans here in Kansas City. Every single one of these creatives inspire me daily! Starting in the upper left corner and moving horizontally from left to right, here are the links to my favorite products this week. Floral and Read More

Week 34 shares #happyhandmade

Wow! Time is really starting to speed past and it is not even the ‘busy season’ yet. The holidays are coming. I am so excited!! Here are my favorites from this past #happyhandmade Daft Crafts link up are: This darling dress by Bellamy Tree. It is so cute and perfect for any Little Princess! can buy Read More

#happyhandmade shares for week 33

This week I decided I would share in a theme: Princess. My daughter is all excited about being Rapunzel for Halloween…and I am working on her ‘hat’ wig. This week in the #happyhandmade link up there seemed to be many princess themed items. So here are my favorites. First, I am excited to share with Read More