Wordless Wednesday (Instagram high-jacked ☺)

Loading Finished my kit hoop from #eatsdrinkstitch event with a touch of my own personality…it was so nice to relax & do a craft for me (with a mug of coffee) #handmade #kcmade #hoopart #stitches #coffee View on Instagram Loading The girls have dponge rollers for curls for church in the morning. Princess said she Read More

B is for BEAR!

The alphabet…oh my…the alphabet. Twenty-six letters to form all communication. Little Miss is on the road of learning it and I am on the road of learning how to teach it. I have a new respect for teachers. I have always respected those in the profession, but now hold them in even higher respect. Teaching Read More

Vacation…relaxing away from home.

Hi! I went quiet. And to be honest, I am so glad. I was really tired, stressed, and run down. A break, a serious break was needed. I have enjoyed a zoo in Madison, parks, family time, playing at my parents home, and more. Mostly unplugged from the internet and being in the moment of Read More

“Below” & “Watching”

First, yesterday’s #FMSPhotoaDay prompt was “below”. Holly Bunny sat at my feet for a few hours watching and wondering what  I was creating. She was ‘below’ me. She is such a sweet bunny. I so encourage curiosity. And Holly loves to learn. And I enjoyed talking to her while I stitched.  Second, today’s #FMSPhotoaDay prompt Read More